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Miranda loves travelling around the world to share her wealth of knowledge and her globally recognised techniques!
If you would like to host Miranda or are interested in training with Miranda – please email us at and we will be more than happy to help you and send you all the relevant details you need.

In 2018 you can find Miranda here:

Training 13th January – Turku, Findland

Training 26th January – Stockholm, Sweden

Conference Speaking 3rd February – Bucharest, Romania

Competition Judging 10th February – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Competition Judging  24th February – Kaunas, Lithuania

Competition Judging 2nd March – Gotenburg, Sweden

Conference Speaking 10th March – Lisbon, Portugal 

Conference Speaking 16th March – Arizona, USA

Workshop Training 17th March – Arizona, USA

LIVE Fantasy Collab 18th March – Arizona, USA

Training 21st March – Mexico City, Mexico

Training 23rd March – Monterrey, Mexico

Training 25th March – Guadalajara, Mexico

Conference Speaking 14th April – Prague, Czech Republic

Training 16th April – Rome, Italy

Competition Judging 27th April – Oslo, Norway

Training 5th May – Gotenburg, Sweden

Conference Speaking/Organising, 20th May – London, UK (Super Yacht Lash Conference)

Conference Speaking 26th May – Rome, Italy

Workshop Training 27th May – Rome, Italy

Dual Training with Loreta 31st May – Hollywood, USA

Conference Speaking 1st/3rd June – Hollywood, USA

Conference Speaking 23rd June – Madrid, Spain

Dual Training with Petr 30th August – Tokyo, Japan

Training 1st July – Tokyo Japan

Conference Speaking 2nd July – Tokyo, Japan

Competition Judging 3rd July – Tokyo, Japan

Training 4th/6th July – Tokyo, Japan

LIVE Online Training for Julia Mann – 15th July ONLINE

Training Mega Volume 16th July – UK Lash Headquarters

Training Mega Volume 27th July – Brisbane, Australia

Competition Judging 29th/30th July </> Brisbane, Australia

Speaking & Workshop Lash Inc Editors Conference 12th August – Glasgow Scotland</em

Competition Judging 14/16th August – Glasgow, Scotland

Training 23rd August Talin, Estonia

Conference Speaking 8th/9th September – Hawaii

Competition Judging 8th September – Hawaii

Conference Speaking 15th September – Slovenia

Conference Speaking 21st September – Brussels, Belgium

Training 30th November – 1st December – Columbia

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