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The UK Lash Institute


Miranda Tarpey

Grand Master Trainer




Miranda Tarpey is our international Lash Expert and CEO and founder of The UK Lash Institute.   many of the systems we use today all over the lash world have been invented by Miranda.

Miranda is the creator and pioneer of the Volumetric Calculator used globally for volume and mega volume lashes, the first ever creator of a Lash calculator application in the entire world. Many of the systems we use today all over the lash world have been invented by Miranda. She is also the creator of the Mirror Link™  and Bifold ™ techniques used internationally for Mega Volume lashes.

Editor of Lash Inc UK Magazine , a lash journalist writing lash articles and periodicals, and author of many lash programs.

Multi award winner, having won 1st place titles in both lashes and business,  Miranda shares her wealth of knowledge and is often a Speaker at conferences around the globe. She is also a judge for many major lash competitions, both national and international and also writes competition criteria for participants & judges.

Miranda is also an educator and teaches the world offering her unique brand of lash training to students across the globe, that benefit from expertise within this field, and this attracts all levels from beginners to advanced and educators alike who gain in depth training and knowledge from her carefully researched study programs and materials.

Miranda is editor of a brand-new Fantasy Lash Magazine & co-organizer of Lash Events UK – including two of the groundbreaking events in the lash industry: Fantasy Lash Week – London’s first ever Live Fantasy Lash show (& after party) and Lash Conference London! London’s most luxury and highly sought after lash conference!

Even with Miranda’s super busy schedule, she offers VIP 1-1 training in our HQ Training Academy. 

For more information on Miranda’s courses and course dates click here.



Carla Giannotti

Classic & Russian Volume Trainer

Rome, Italy.

Carla, originally from South Africa to Italian parents, was schooled in the Johannesburg artistic scene. Moving to Rome, Italy at 25 Carla started her journey into the beauty industry by becoming a fully qualified Nail Technician. Two years ago, Carla decided to train in Eyelash Extensions after hearing about it for a few years.

2016 saw Carla train in Rome in Classic Eyelash Extensions, when she realised how rewarding lashing really was. Being able to accomplish someone feeling confident and happy with a beautiful set of lashes, she knew she was in the right industry. In 2017 she went to progress her lashing skills and took her Russian Volume course in London with Miranda. Growing up in the creative scene in South Africa, Carla knew training in Fantasy Lash Art would be her next step with the lash world.

Carla takes pride in everything she does, and shows this by entering competitions. Her last competition was at the International Lash Cup – Bologna, Italy in Classic, Volume and Fantasy Lash Art categories and will compete this year at the Lash Master Legends held inn Rome, competing in Online and Live Fantasy Lash Art!

Speaking fluent English and Italian, Carla hopes to transmit her passion and dedication to all her students.

Carla offers Classic & Russian Volume Training in both 1-1  & Group Training

For more information on Carla’s courses and to book onto a course date click here.

Donna May

Classic, Russian & Mega Volume Trainer

Essex & Wales, UK

Donna May is a woman with many talents! Starting out 16 years ago as a hairdresser, stumbled upon Eyelash Extensions and decided to add this to her treatment list. Little did she know she would be specialising in Lashes & becoming a Lash Trainer years on! Donna is the proud owner of May’D Beautiful, which she started out 4 years ago after completing her first Eyelash Extension course in the UK in 2013.

In 2015, Donna decided to take the plunge and complete her Russian Volume training course allowing her to create beautiful fluffy fans and in 2017 enhanced her skills by taking Mega Volume with Miranda. After only being trained for a few months after being trained in Mega Volume, Donna entered The Lash Games in Mega Volume Category and walked home with the prestigious Third Place Title in Expert Level and is looking forward to entering more competitions this year.

Married with six children, you would assume Donna would be flat out after lashing and training, however she continues gaining knowledge by attending various Lash Workshops and Lash Conferences!  Alongside Lashing, Donna also offers Nails as an extra treatment – she is the real life Lash Super Woman!

Donna is very patient and  motivated for training her students to be their best and with her amazing people skills her students will gain the most in her training classes.

Donna offers Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Training in both 1-1 & Group Training

For more information on Donna’s courses and to book onto an Essex course date click here.

For more information on Donna’s courses and to book onto an Wales course date click here.




India  Lomax

Classic, Russian & Mega Volume Trainer

Manchester, UK

India Lomax lives a hectic lash life! At the young age of 18, she completed her NVQ Level in Beauty Therapy and once she left college India decided to use her skills and qualifications on board prestigious cruise liners as a High Level therapist. After working on the cruise for 15 months, she changed her path and completed a Classic Lash Course in 2010.

Working from a salon near her, she instantly fell in love with the challenge lashes gave her and the instant results result Eyelash Extensions gave her clients. When India fell pregnant with her first child, all her clients from the salon were messaging her to see when she would be returning, but at 9 months pregnant she decided that instead of going back to the salon after maternity leave, she would return to work as a Self Employed Lash Artist!

India’s journey into becoming the talented and respected UK Lash trainer she is now, saw her complete over seven different courses in lashes, including Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume, Mega Volume and Lower Lashes! Additionally to offering her extension services, India also offers Last Lifts and Brow services.

Now in 2018, India has reached the point within her career where she will complete her ambition to teach, by becoming a certified UK Lash Trainer for Manchester and enter Lash Competitions to continue to challenge herself.


India offers Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Training in both 1-1 & Group Training

For more information on India’s courses and to book onto a course date click here.




Jeneen Chandler

Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Trainer

Hertfordshire, UK


Jeneen Chandler has always had a passion for anything beauty related and has been in the industry for 23 years. In 2011, Jeneen decided to train as a Lash Artist and took her first Classic training course and been addicted to lashing ever since. Falling in love with lashes, she moved onto expanding and advancing her skills and trained in Russian Volume in 2015  and Mega Volume in 2018 with Miranda Tarpey.

Jeneen has a house full with two children, a dog, rabbit and hamster, but enjoys to keep busy with her beauty business and creating custom Tiara’s and Bracelets.

Over the years, Jeneen has continued to love all aspects of her career and constantly developing her skills. Being very passionate about the beauty industry, Jeneen not only specialises in Lashes, but also has years of experience in Brows and SPMU – she is the UK Lash queen of all beauty!

Having many skills in all aspects of the beauty industry, she became a UK Lash Trainer in 2018 which allows her to pass on all her expertise to her ambitious and eager students! In the future, Jeneen hopes to open up a Salon/Training Academy to push her lash career as far as possible.

Jeneen offers Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Training in both 1-1 & Group Training

For more information on Jeneen’s courses and to book onto a course date click here.




Kerry Allanson

Classic, Russian & Mega Volume Trainer

Yorkshire, UK

Kerry began her career in the beauty industry over 21 years ago, and has since thrived to the top. Kerry is the proud owner of her salon Beauty Retreat, which celebrated it’s 15th birthday last year and is recognised as one of the leading beauty salons in the Yorkshire area. At the young age of 21, Kerry completed a BTEC National Diploma in Beauty Therapy and was hooked ever since. Having her skills behind her, she went on to work for various salons to help build her experience and knowledge of the industry as well as working mobile.

Walking down an Avenue in West Hull, Kerry spotted an empty shop that she knew would be perfect for her own salon. Taking the plunge, Beauty Retreat was born! Owning and managing her own salon, as well as raising her two children has proved to Kerry that determination and passion makes you grow successfully.

Being in the centre of the industry, Kerry realised that as the industry grows rapidly, herself and the salon had to grow with it. Taking courses to keep ahead of the game, especially Russian Volume in with

Kerry and Beauty Retreat are renowned for their lashes, being the Front Cover and Featured story for Loco Media in 2017 and being chosen to lash One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s sister after noticing her instagram pictures are just a few of Kerry’s achievements!

Kerry’s experience in the beauty industry and how Social Media influences her clients, are one of the reasons that make her students eager to learn as well as Kerry passing all her knowledge and skills on.

Kerry offers Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Training in both 1-1 & Group Training

For more information on Kerry’s courses and to book onto a course date click here.




Maya Rehman

Classic, Russian & Mega Volume Trainer

Glasgow, Scotland UK

Maya is the founder of Maya’s Lash Studio & Academy based in Glasgow. She is a highly trained beauty professional with over 9 years of experience working in the Spa & Beauty industry. Maya is a certified Master Lash Artist and is the UK Lash Trainer covering Scotland, as well as running her own Lash Studio catering to clients in the surrounding areas of Glasgow.

Relocating from Romania to Scotland 10 years ago, she began her career in the industry specialising in various beauty treatments until 2015 where her passion for the beauty industry drove her to kick start her incredible journey into Eyelash Extensions. Maya’s fascination in the lash industry drove her to participate in many seminars, conventions, competitions, conferences as well as thoroughly enjoying reaching the industry through social media, forums and blogs!

Maya has attended many lash conferences, as well as part organising the Lash Inc Scottish Conference and being a speaker at the prestigious event. Her hard work and determination has earned Maya multiple international awards including 2nd Place for Classic Lashes at Global Lash Summit 2015, 2nd Place for Coloured Lashes at Strictly Come Lashes 2017 and 3rd Place for Online Lash Art at Strictly Come Lashes 2017.

Maya’s dedication into the lash industry makes her a fantastic trainer, where her students will benefit from her knowledge and skills especially in producing superior styles but still conscientiously looking after the health of the natural clients. Constantly educating herself in new skills, her passion to learn will be passed onto her students to ensure they have success in the lash industry.

Maya offers Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Training in both 1-1 & Group Training

For more information on Maya’s courses and to book onto a course date click here




Vicky Bridger

Classic, Russian & Mega Volume Trainer

Sussex, UK


Vicky Bridger is the founder of Lash Precision beauty salon, specialising in Eyelash Extensions. Her lash journey began in 2010 with her first training course in Classic Lashes. Since her very first training course, Vicky has continually advanced her lash knowledge and skills by taking various specialised training courses and workshops, with some of the leading trainers.

Vicky thoroughly believes that investing in herself and traveling to gain as much knowledge as possible. Achieving the skills required and using her dedication in lashing to create perfect beautiful sets of lashes every time. Although Vicky is trained in other beauty treatments, she grew her Eyelash business so rapidly that she removed all treatments and now works full time and her sole income is lashing 40-50 hours a week!

Featuring in Lash Inc UK Magazine, Vicky wrote a featured article based on the Lash Industry and regulating it, proving how passionate Vicky is about the field and the extensive research and knowledge her students will gain from being trained by her. Vicky enjoys attending Lash Workshops and Lash Conferences each year to fulfil her lash addiction life and is looking forward to attending the 2nd Edition of the Super Yacht Lash Conference in May.

Finding her new passion in Fantasy Lash art after taking the Fantasy Lash Masterclass with Miranda in 2017, she is most excited about showing off her creative and artistic side when she takes part in the most ground breaking Lash After Dark, Fantasy Live event, where she will be competing against other lash artists to create her fantasy masterpiece! Fantasy Lashes are now Vicky’s new passion.

Vicky offers Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Training in both 1-1 & Group Training

For more information on Vicky’s courses and to book onto a course date click here.


Classic, Russian & Mega Volume Trainer

North London, UK.

Zey is an office turned Lash Master type of girl. She trained in Classic Lashes in 2012 whilst working full-time in a 9-5 office job until she gained enough experience and clientele to quit completely!

Becoming a full time lash artist, Zey grew into her own boss and her love for lashing hasn’t stoped growing since. As the Eyelash Industry was expanding and Russian Volume started becoming popular, Zey knew she was ready to advance her skills and trained in Volume in early 2015. Picking up the technique like a professional, two years later she took the plunge into learning Mega Volume in 2017.

Zey is spiritual and loves incorporating positivity into every aspect of her life, including lashing her clients and training her students. When people go to Zey, they walk away feeling beyond happy and positive and will always help people.

Lashing for over six years, Zey was ready to take her next step into her career and was chosen to become London’s UK Lash Trainer. Her passion for the industry hasn’t gone unnoticed, as she has had many girls request her for training!

The future is very bright for Zey, and all of her future students who will gain more than Eyelash training from their courses.

Zey offers Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Training in both 1-1 & Group Training

For more information on Zey’s courses and to book onto a course date click here.

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