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2 DAY Advanced Level Intensive Training Course from £690

2D – 8D Russian Volume Lashes
Includes Lower Lashes (closed eye technique)
Become a Certified Volume Eyelash professional in 2 Days
No case studies required with this course, all practice completed in class, Diploma provided on final completion on Day TWO!

Would you would like to downgrade to a one day training course in Russian Volume & complete your case studies at home? please click here

Upcoming Training Dates & Locations:

For upcoming dates and training please contact us referencing your preferred location and we will book and reserve your space onto the upcoming training course.

Trainers in Russian volume since 2013
Why come to us?
We are one of the first volume trainers in the UK to offer Russian Volume courses and we have also trained the trainers, you too can benefit and come direct to us to receive all the expertise, techniques and insight that we have been providing for years. Our very high CPD points is evident how thorough and in-depth this course is. We hold one of the highest Volume Training CPD awarded points in the UK.

£100 Deposit required to book

Learn How to Create Extreme Volume

Using fine lashes and the Russian Technique to pick up and place lashes.
As the technique is intricate, and nothing like the “classic” lash method of application, be prepared to learn a totally new process of eyelash application, Learning both the theory and practical elements required to produce Beautiful Professional Volume lashes.
The technique is broken down into stages, each stage into tiny steps, ensuring you learn each process perfectly. You will learn all the tricks & Skills essential in applying volume, unfortunately its not as simple as just picking up 5 or 6 lashes. There is a unique technique to fan the lashes correctly. During this course you will learn all the steps needed and the opportunity to learn and master this advanced technique to apply beautiful VOLUME Lashes.

And so much more..

Attending This Course in Volume Lashes

As this course is an Advanced Technique, you will need to be a qualified therapist with at least 6 months experience in applying semi permanent lashes, this ensures that you will benefit fully from the course, please contact us if you do not have any prior experience as we can arrange alternative beginners Volume training. If you have lost or misplaced your certificate don’t worry you can still attend but you will be required to take our Pre Assessment test 30 minutes before training, there is an additional charge of £89 for this, please mention this at time of booking, this short test is easy if you are a lash therapist, this will indicate that you are competent in the classic lash application.


Our course is two days Intense training, you will be taught the theory required for Volume Lashes, this covers the weight distribution of the lashes and how they keep the natural lashes healthy. How capping, stacking and graduated layering creates different volume effects. You will be taught how to create volume in clients with sparse lashes, and the technique to create extreme density for full on glamour. This course will cover the method of picking up the lashes by special tweezers that will help fan the lashes and lash placement. How much glue is required, what type of glue and the precise method of applying these ultra fine lashes and how to keep them fanned. How to multi lash pick up for 0.10 and 0.07 and 0.05’s. as this is a one to one we will also visit any areas in lashing that you would like to improve on to make you a more confidant and successful lash therapist.


This training is very small group coaching, you will be practising in small stages starting with 2D, 3D, 4D, 6D and EXTREME Volume using training heads and live models as the technique is intricate and requires lots of practise. You will practise multi lash pick up using lash thickness of 0.10, 0.07 & 0.05 and how to place them on natural lashes using different lash effects. This course is priceless, you will practise and learn skills you never thought existed.

On day one you will cover all the theory and information required to understand what is required to produce perfect Volume lashes. you will then practice on a training head the technique in stages.

On day two you will go through a refresher and a little more theory, then you will practice on a  live model, which will include the LOWER Lashes and infills.  Diploma will be issued on day 2. Photos will be taken of the day for your portfolio.

End of Course

You will go through a refresher of therapist procedures, client consultation after care, Infills and health & safety.
A short assessment test covering your days training.

On successful completion you will be issued with an Accredited certificate in Russian Volume Lash application.

Why should I attend the 2 Day Course?

This two day course for those that want to complete the case studies in class where they will be guided by the tutor all the way, this is part of a small group class, no more than 3-4 students where you will benefit from 100% coaching. This course is also ideal if you are not yet a confidant lash therapist as you will be able to learn and practice in areas that you would like to improve your skills.

What does the course cover?

Learn How to create the ultimate VOLUME Lash extensions in a step by step process. In this Class you will learn:

  1. Theory behind volume.
  2. How to create Volume.
  3. What type of lashes to use.
  4. How to pick up lashes for speed.
  5. How to apply 2D – 6D Volume Plus 8D.
  6. How to apply lashes for different volume effects.
  7. How to create volume for sparse lashes.
  8. How to create a professional uniformed look.
  9. How to map your lashes for precision.
  10. How to create wide and narrow fans.
  11. Learn how to fan straight from the lash strip.
  12. What glues, tweezers and lashes work best for Russian volume.
  13. Maintenance & Infill’s.
  14. Pricing up your new skill.


How Difficult is the technique to pick up?

The trainer will start with small steps in stages,and you will be practicing each stage before moving onto the next. Your trainer will guide you all the way showing you tips and methods to help fanning the lashes for optimum volume. – see testimonials by students.

What do I need to bring?

All equipment and materials needed for the training day are included, No Hidden Extras. No models required. Optional your own straight tweezers.

Do I need a KIT?
A kit is optional, please pre book if you want to include a volume kit £75 which is discounted, otherwise products to purchase will also be available on the day.

Do I receive a certificate?

Yes, a Certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the course on day 2.

Do I need to be an eyelash technician before I attend this course?

Yes, THIS course is for trained lash therapists only. You must be competent in eyelash extensions and be able to apply lashes in a timely manner and hold a basic foundation level.

If you are not trained in eyelashes, do not worry as we can train you in both beginners classic and Russian volume, please contact us for a bespoke training package.

How do I need a model?

Yes, you will need a model to be available for the second day of your training course & be available to have Lower Lashes as well.

How do I book a place?

£100 Deposit required to reserve your place, balance payable on day of training.
Pay Securely using the PayPal link below or, contact us for details.

What happens if I need help after the course?

There is annual unlimited email and telephone support direct with your trainer.

Can I obtain Insurance with my certificate?

Yes, your certificate is accredited and you will be able to obtain insurance.

What are the class hours?

Any classes start at 10am – 5.30pm.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

This is entirely up to you but it is not essential, but please do wear something that is comfortable and that has no loose long sleeves.


Deposits are non refundable but can be transferred to another date a £40 admin fee will be added for this change. This must be paid at time of change of date request. A minimum of 14 days notice is required. See T & C for additional information.

How do I Pay?
We have three options available:

You can use an instalment plan, must be paid before the course, within 4 months with a deposit at checkout.

Pay in full on the day of booking.

Book with a £100 deposit & pay remaining balance 5 days before training.

Please choose a date & location that suits you above and select your training course on the calendar.

PLEASE NOTE If paying by the instalment plan, complete payment of the course must be received before any training courses are taken, please choose your training date  to be after all your instalment payments have ended, you can secure your date now but the training date i must be  class after 4 months.


Student’s Work

Case studies by a student.
Lashes created by student just 1 hour into practice training.


Training Enquiries:
Tel: 01582 344324
Please get in touch with us via phone, email, Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions regarding the training.
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