Royal Lash Pillow

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White Lash Pillow & Work Station All in One!

Everything you need from a luxurious lash pillow.

  • Comfort for client 
  • Large lash tile that allows the lash strips to be placed and removed easily without the backing sticking to the tile.
  • One side is slightly higher than the next to help with your vision and avoid straining the eyes, our educator Miranda Tarpey is in LOVE with these pillows as she can fan the lashes on the tile easily.
  • As the tile is higher than the clients head it helps with less irritation of adhesive for sensitive clients
  • Unlike fabric pillows, this one is made from faux leather that can be sanitised after each client, gently wash with soapy water to keep clean.
  • Extra pockets on the sides to keep all your tools and products at easy reach for a speedy set of lashes.
  • Tile has magnetic base to stop your tweezers from dropping to the floor! 

We are in love with this beautiful and elegant pillow, a perfect addition to your lash room or salon.