Yorkshire : 4 Hour Workshops

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Training Venue

Beauty Retreat

215 Chanterlands Avenue

UK Lash Trainer

Kerry Kehoe


Earn up to 2 Points.





Choose your the workshop that suits you. 

  • The Wispy Look / Kim K Styling Workshop
  • Eye Shapes and Styling Workshop
  • Competition Ready Workshop
  • Speedy Fan / Perfect Fans Workshop

Workshops are great to up your skill in a specific area of your lashing career. Maybe an area you have not covered before, or an area you feel you may have some weakness in. Workshops are a great way to refresh your current skills and also learn more information at the same time! Depending on which Workshop you choose, you will be covering  areas that you would like further help with to build your current knowledge and skills or learn something new all together. 

The Wispy Look / Kim K / Strip Lash Look

✔ Learn the correct lengths to use for your clients natural lash

✔ Learn how to create the correct mapping to use for each client

✔ Learnt the correct amount of Volume to use

✔ Step by Step Process of creating the Wispy Look

✔ Learn one of the biggest trends the lash industry has seen.


Eye Shapes and Styling 

✔ Learn how to choose the correct styling for each individual client

✔ Bespoke your mapping for each individual client

✔ Understand the various different types of eye shapes

✔ Learn how to modify if clients have two different types of eye shapes

✔ Understand why Face Shapes can make or break your eyelash extensions 


Competition Ready

✔ Go through various Competition Criteria check lists for both online and live

✔ Have a “mini” Live Competition with your Educator on the day

✔ How to pick the PERFECT model and why you could loose points on your model

✔ Correct Lid to Lash Lines

✔ Learn how to identify stickies and how NOT to get them


Speedy Fan / Perfect Fan

✔ Learn how to make pointy bases in 3 seconds.

✔ Learn to pick up adhesive that pulls backwards to make fans look fuller

✔ Learn to make fan wide circumference for fuller lashes faster.

✔ Learn to keep those fans from closing when you attach them, it can be very frustrating when you make good fans but on placing them on your clients lashes, they start closing, forming stalky bases, SAY GOODBYE to this forever!

✔ Work with super thin diameters 0.03mm, 0.04mm and 0.05mm


Expert Trainers in Eyelash Extensions

Why come to us?
We are one of the leading training providers in the UK and expert trainers in all lash level training from beginners to ultimate experts, we have also trained the trainers, you too can benefit and come direct to us to receive all the expertise, techniques and insight that we have been providing for years. Our very high CPD points is evident how thorough and in-depth our courses are.



What do I need to bring?

You will receive a Workshop kit that will include a Fit for a Queen Diamond Pen and Notepad. Please bring with you, your tweezers you use for making fans. Products will be available to purchase on the day if you would like to. 

Do I Receive A Certificate?

Yes! You will received a Certificate of Attendance of your chosen workshop.

Do I Need To Be An Eyelash Technician Before I Attend This Workshop?

Yes, all workshops will need to be taken by an Eyelash Technician. You must send your certificate to HQ or your chosen Educator when booking. 

How Do I Book My Space?

Full payment must be made during checkout, your space will automatically be booked and reserved. 

Can I Purchase Products After or During The Workshop?

Yes there will be some products available, if you would like to pre-purchase, you are more than welcome to pick up at your chosen location please let us know beforehand.

What other students & Trainers have said that have taken training and Workshops at UK LASH INSTITUTE :

Miranda and the team at UK LASH INSTITUTE have taught thousands of students and many are also famous educators, we are innovators and that sets us above from any other educators you will meet. You now have the opportunity to take a workshopby her and her Master team in your country, an opportunity we know you will never regret!

Had the most amazing time hosting the INSANELY TALENTED Miranda Tarpey, think I’m a little bit in love with her x

Sam Smith UK


Training Mega Volume today by one of the most amazing and inspirational lash educators has been the best experience i could ask for! Thank you so much Miranda Tarpey and the lovely Gabriella #UKLashinstitute
Priya Patel UK
“Miranda’s training is bar far the best, not only did I increase my speed using this technique that she showed me, but I am now able to achieve the look I have sought after since I started doing Volume, This course has also my volume lashes actually look dense and fluffy and I decreased my time which is super amazing! My only regret is that I did not take this class sooner.”
Aleisha Meadows – USA

Thank you Miranda for an amazing informative, inspirational day learning another technique in volume lashes, I absolutely LOVE it! I honestly cant thank you enough, Im now doing volume lashes that are fluffy and full!
Tonya Wirral – UK


I am a trainer within the lash industry and understand the importance of continuing with my own training so that I am always current and up to date with the latest advancements.

I usually travel abroad for my training, as finding a good UK based trainer, as well as trainer that will train another trainer, is almost impossible. I met Miranda at a lash convention and from speaking with her I immediately loved her ethos and passion for the industry. I could see that her technical knowledge was exceptional and knew that I wanted to learn from her.

The course that I took with Miranda was an advanced lashing technique – a technique that I have already attended two courses to learn, but felt that there was still so much more I needed to understand and perfect. 

As an experienced therapist and trainer, I have an in-depth knowledge of my industry and therefore I find it difficult to find courses or trainers that cater for my experience.  However Miranda’s knowledge of her industry is exceptional and as such I learnt so much more than I ever expected I would, not through my own lack of knowledge but her in-depth and technical course content.

Miranda shares my own passion for the lash industry and for producing the best lash technicians, so that we can to uphold the standard of the industry.  To find another trainer who shares this passion is rare and this clearly comes across in her personality and her courses and their content.

Thank you Miranda for a super day and my new lash knowledge xx

Frankie Widdows UK

These are just a few of the amazing feedback from educators and students alike,
a class you will not want to miss!

Training Enquiries:
Tel:01582 344324
Please get in touch with us via phone, email, Facebookor Instagram if you have any questions regarding the training.

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Wispy Look & Kim K, Eye Shapes & Styling, Competition Ready, Speedy Fan


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